Downtown Montgomery

Downtown Montgomery

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Council Approves 2011 Tax Rate and 2012 Budget

On August 30, 2011 Montgomery City Council approved the fiscal year 2012 budget and the 2011 ad valorem tax rate for the city.  The budget, which is found on the city's website reduces the city budget by $300,000.  The tax rates adopted are $0.1575 per $100 valuation for operations and maintenance and $0.2580 per $100 valuation for debt service for a combined ad valorem tax rate of $0.4155 down from $0.4199 in 2010.  Please see courier story at

MIDC and Council Authorize Fernland Expenses

Volunteers are braving the heat and working overtime to get Fernland Historical Park ready for its grand opening on September 17.  The City of Montgomery's economic development corporation and City Council have approved the expenditure of $30,000 for an air conditioner, lighting, landscaping, and the final touches to complete the museum within the Arnold-Simonton house.  The Simonton house which was recently moved across town to the site was built in 1845 and will provide a "cool" spot within a village of cabins that date back to the 1820's.  Find out more about Fernland at

Friday, August 26, 2011

Police Department launches Facebook page

Our new police chief, Royce Goodson has launched a Facebook page located at for the Montgomery Police Department.   The Chief has earned his stripes jumping into our city staff right in the middle of budget preparation.

Chief has convened a committee of residents to review a proposal to consider red light traffic cameras at city intersections.   This committee is expected to report to city council at an upcoming meeting.

Construction Projects Underway in Montgomery

There are several construction projects currently underway in Montgomery:

Water Line Extensions:  Water lines are being replaced and extended along Mystic, Community Drive, Lawson, and Simonton.  Six-inch diameter water lines will replace 1 to 2 inch water lines in the area and resolve localized pressure and capacity issues.  This project is being funded by a Community Development Block Grant.

Emergency Generators:  New emergency generators are being installed at various pump stations and at city hall. These generators will help the city to continue to provide vital services during times of power outage like we experienced in Hurricane Ike.  These projects are being funded by federal disaster mitigation grants.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding construction in the city, please call Public Works Director, Ronnie Christian at 597-6434.

Wine and Music Festival on September 17

The very popular Montgomery Wine and Music Festival will be held in downtown Montgomery on Saturday September 17.  A website with more information is here:

Music for the event will include Cody Johnson, John Slaughter, Bri Bagwell, Clayton Gardener, Steven Sweeten Band, and the Jazz Connection.  Activities include wine and beer tasting, a variety of foods, and fun events for the whole family.

City Council Meeting - August 30

Montgomery City Council will be meeting on August 30   in special session to consider the 2012 Budget and 2011 ad valorem tax rate for the city.  Other items on the agenda include the consideration and possible action on a Planned Development District overlay zone for a property on Prairie St. and the appointment of an assistant prosecutor for municipal court.

Montgomery Industrial Development Council

Montgomery Industrial Development Council (MIDC) will be meeting August 29, 2011 at City Hall.  MIDC is an economic development corporation for the city and it will be discussing its strategy for promoting economic growth as well as discussing specific projects that may be placed on next years budget.  Also on the agenda for the meeting is a request for approval of $30,000 to complete the Arnold Simonton house in Fernland Park before its grand opening.  Fernland Historical Park is an ongoing project of the corporation and it is located on Clepper Drive.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

City 2012 Budget

On August 23, City Council will consider a proposed 2012 Budget for the City and an ad valorem tax rate.  The City's projected expenses for FY 2012 (all funds) are $3,073,253 a reduction of $343,317 from 2011.  A copy of the proposed budget is available from the City Secretary.

Montgomery's Water

Water is a hot topic in the county this year with the level of Lake Conroe dropping every day.  The City of Montgomery does not use water from Lake Conroe, but utilizes two wells in the Jasper Aquifer approximately 800 feet below ground.  We have checked our water levels and have sufficient water to serve the community.

Montgomery has a Drought Contingency Plan that has been in place for years.  The plan has various stages of water conservation and restrictions that are automatically initiated by water use.  For example when the water system reaches 75% of capacity, Stage I - Voluntary Water Restrictions is automatically initiated.  Currently, Montgomery is pumping at about 45% of capacity and has not reached the automatic restrictions.  However, the City Council has directed staff to initiate Stage I - Voluntary Water Restrictions to conserve water and reduce pumping on the Jasper Aquifer.

Therefore, we ask that residents voluntarily limit irrigation to the hours of 8pm to 10am daily.  Also, the City will not be using water to flush water lines during this time.  Our goal is to achieve a 5% reduction in water use.  Montgomery is also aggressively pursuing water leaks and other water losses to conserve its limited resource. Please report any water leaks or incidents of tampering with fire hydrants to the City.

Finally, Montgomery is closely following developments in the evaluation of the Catahoula aquifer.  This is an aquifer that has not been utilized for water in the past and may become an important new water source for the City.  Already, we are in a joint groundwater reduction program with April Sound who has just drilled a well into the Catahoula.  Montgomery is also investigating the utilization of the Catahoula to provide a reliable water source for the future while complying with the requirements of Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District to reduce pumpage in the Jasper Aquifer.