Downtown Montgomery

Downtown Montgomery

Thursday, September 22, 2011

K-9 Demonstration at Lone Star Convention Center

Officer Bellard and I appeared at the Coat of Many Colors Benefit at Lone Star Convention Center on September 16 to demonstrate his skills before dozens of guests. I sent Ofc. Bellard in a few minutes early to give an introduction and allow the City Administrator time to hide his stash before I came in. When I entered the room, there was an overpowering odor of narcotics, but I patiently waited for Ofc. Bellard to allow me to search the room. I knew where the bag was immediately, but I circled the room for a dramatic effect causing an old woman sitting near the mayor to squeal. After sitting near the target, I let Ofc. Bellard play with my ball. Then came the real fun. I helped train Darrell to be a criminal. Unfortunately he was wearing a padded suit so when he threatened me, I was not able to bite him too hard, but I did knock him to the ground and growl a lot. Ofc. Bellard called me to stop, but I wasn't finished training Darrell yet, so Bellard had to pull me by the collar. The old lady squealed again. My work was done so Ofc. Bellard barked at the audience for another few minutes while I sampled the Bar B Que. Thank you to Dr. Michael Hayles and the Coat of Many Colors for all they do in helping people get training for jobs. I did my part by training Ofc. Bellard and Darrell for their jobs as police officers.

BY: KILO, Montgomery Police Dept. K-9 Unit

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